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5 Door Types to Choose From For Your Home

You may take the fancy route in displaying your name at the entrance of your home. But have you given extra thought to the door itself and what it’s made of? In contemporary apartment complexes, builders have a one-size-fits-all design for all homes. But just in case you’re considering having a different door, here’s a variety for you to pick from:

Wooden Doors
This one has stood the test of time and works  for any location in the house. Sturdy and neat, the availability of wood makes it an apt choice for local carpenters and builders. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the different wood varieties available in the market. We suggest you go for a timber wooden door at the house entrance which promises strength and reliability. You can also get carved wooden doors for a grand entrance.
Paneled Doors
A panel door is made by putting together different panels in one frame. The frame is usually a wooden one while the panels can be made from board, plywood or even raw wood. Being a decorative and trendy door, one can choose from different panel designs or create their own unique panel. A treat to the eyes, paneled doors are perfect for your living room as it adds an aesthetic appeal. Doors
Quite similar to a paneled door, a glass door is also made by embedding a glass panel in a wooden frame. Its cost can be determined depending on the quality of the glass used.. However, glass doors require day-to-day maintenance and lack privacy. Ideally, a glass door is provided either for a closed kitchen layout or for the backyard garden. A glass door can also be converted into a paneled door by using designer glass panels set in wooden frames. Doors
Easy on pocket and light-weight, aluminum doors are widely used everywhere. Adding more to its advantageous side, aluminum doors can withstand all kinds of environmental conditions and are highly durable. These days, aluminum doors can be designed in different frames to suit your overall home décor look and not look banal. While some prefer to have an aluminum door for their bathrooms, you can choose to have one for your backyard garden or entrance too, whichever is more exposed to the outside environment. Doors
Earlier, steel doors were used only for factories and society gates. However, with innovative interior design techniques, steel is now a great option for homes too. Since steel is easily welded, steel doors can be converted into any intricate design thereby lending your home a beautiful look. Steel also comes in different textures allowing you to pick and choose the type that suits your home. A combination of steel frame with glass panels can be a great home décor idea.
When you meet your builder the next time, you know what door types to consider for your home and make your home unique. For more on the materials and home decoration advice, call our expert team at 1800-102-4663 or visit us @

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