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4 Ways to Perk Up Your Home Office


The nice thing about having a home office is that you can redecorate as often as you like. If you find yourself trailing your feet and dallying over your coffee, then you know that it’s time to perk up the space a little and give yourself a dash of energy.

An ideal home office, even if it’s composed of nothing more than a study table and a chair, should give you a sense of calm, to keep your focus and concentration, and at the same time generate enough energy to go through your work without drifting off to watch TV or fall asleep.

Here are some ways to bring the energy back into your home office, if it’s been flagging lately:

Seek out natural light


If you have access to full-length French windows, you’ve found the perfect spot. If not, any window light would be the best setting for a workspace. Not only are you saving on electricity, but you’ve also set yourself up to fully exploit those daylight hours and give yourself a bigger sense of freedom, with the outdoors just a window frame away.

Don’t be afraid to use colour


If you have the space for bookshelves, go with a colourful, modern look – this makes the space more inviting, and definitely more energetic. You can also go with bright upholstery for your work chair, solid colours for your table mats and pen-holders or any other work paraphernalia that you’ve collected. Be careful not to make it distracting, though – avoid hypnotic patterns and stick with bold solids, if you have a tendency to drift off.

Set up a soft board and use it for memory and inspiration


It could become a mood board, or it could work for reminders if you’re constantly writing yourself post-its. Keep it active and don’t worry about space – you can just tack it onto the nearest wall from your study table. The physical activity of pinning things up and pulling them down can also help to keep you awake.

Try for a natural look


A wooden study table might be a little old-school, but it does have plenty of longevity and charm and you don’t have to worry too much about it blending in with your other furniture. A few potted plants can help to define and separate your workspace, especially if you’re living in an apartment without too much access to nature. Wood or natural fibre accessories can round off the look, and you can be sure that you’ll find it both restful and welcoming.

Remember, your workspace is definitely a vital part of your home, especially if you’re using it everyday, so pay as much attention to its design and décor as you would to a living room or kitchen.

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