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10 Ways to Make Your Contemporary Apartment Look Bigger

Moved to a brand new apartment but think it looks a bit cramped? Fret not! These days, most apartments come with a defined room size. Some big, some not-so-much. But
you can actually transform that contemporary apartment living room to appear much bigger than it is. Here are some pointers to help you size your room, your way:

1.  Start with colour:

The rule of thumb is, the darker the wall colour, the smaller the room will look. Shades like whites, creams, pastels or even neutral shade add a soothing effect     not just to your mind but also make the room look brighter and spacious. Pastel colours

2.  Less is more:

Don’t cramp your style with too many pieces of furniture. Go multi-functional with some of the modular furniture items that are easily available     these days like pull-out dining sets and sofa-cum-beds.

3.  Mirror it up:

There is something about mirrors which we aren’t aware of. Fancy mirrors, irrespective of the shape and size are a full-proof solution to make a room appear larger than its actual size.

Fancy mirrors for homes

4.  Go easy on window dressing:

Heavy drapes can make the room look heavier and smaller. Either leave your windows as is or use monochromatic colour scheme for your walls as well as curtains. Light cotton or lace curtains would also work.

5.  Furniture for living rooms:

If you think that an armchair will only add more to the pile of furniture in your living room, you are mistaken! An armchair in the corner will keep the area uncluttered and roomy.

6.  Ceiling splendour:

Darker hues on the ceiling synced with white-coloured walls will actually add more depth to your room and make it look more vibrant.

7.  Little away from the wall:

Always try to position the furniture away from the wall as leaning it completely against the wall will make your room feel cramped. This creates a great space illusion.Little away from wall

8.  Fabrics:

Do not ignore the fabrics like bedsheets, curtains or sofa covers for the bedroom and living room. Using prints like stripes can render your room spacious.

9.  Bathroom woes:

Wish to separate the shower area from rest of the bathroom space? Use a translucent curtain print that will not only separate the shower space but will also not make it look cleaner and open.

10.  Paintings:

Lastly, put up a large painting on the wall to make your room look larger and bolder when people come in.
We hope you find these tips purposeful to start redesigning your contemporary apartment.



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